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Electrostatic Precipitation Units (ESP)

TRION Commercial Air Cleaner Series

EFB - EFC - TGM - MEFC - HE - SE - CAC - UV - MAP Series

TRION is a brand offering air purification products under Johnson Controls' group and continuously provides a comprehensive range of reliable and high-cost performance air purification products. From residential to commercial, the hotel, and the catering. TRION is always committed to creating a cleaner, safer, and more comfortable indoor air environment for users. Our product innovation will continue to meet customer needs and take pride in providing world-class purification products.

Electrostatic Precipitation Working Principle works by flooding the air with millions of either negatively or positively charged particles to react with both microbes and contaminants. This method is capable of capturing ≥ 0.01μm particles by the electrical charging of particles. The collector plates, which are oppositely charged, then capture these particles in the next step. It not only affects contaminants and microbes in the air, but also on surfaces, even hidden surfaces.