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The New YLPB heat pump delivers premium energy efficiency, it is easy to install, quiet to run, and it is supported by a knowledgable service force.

They are completely autonomous and are designed to be installed outdoors on the roof of a building or at ground level.

Eurovent Certified Unit


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  • • Proven Reliability: The YLPB is a new product we introduce into the European market, but that has been succeed in other markets in the rest of the world since 2012.
  • • High Partial Load Efficiency: The YLPB models are one of the most efficient reversible heat pump in the market with a SEER up to 4.25.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice, check with your JCI representative

Cooling Capacity629 kW



Sound99 dBA

Heating Capacity653 kW


Net Weight: 5435kg

Product Dimension:Width 2242 mmLength6955 mmHeight2391 mm

Working Days

Mandatory Items2 items

Product CodeDescription------Quantity
YLPB0650SE|52(S)Low Sound Fans with VSD ControlLow Sound Fans with VSD Control----
YLPB0650SE|QUOTA_SURCHARGE_R-410AQuota Surcharge R-410AQuota Surcharge R-410A----
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