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Mechanical liquid flow switch


Flow Switches for Liquid

The F61 liquid flow switches can be used in liquid lines carrying water, sea water, swimming pool water, ethylene glycol or other liquids not harmful to the specified materials. The switches have SPDT contacts and can be wired to energise one device and de-energise another when liquid flow either exceeds or drops below the set flow rate. Pipe insert models and the T-body types for low-flow applications are available.


  • T-body and Pipe-insert types available
  • Polycarbonate IP43 enclosure
  • Vapour tight IP67 enclosure
  • Stainless steel Pipe-insert type
  • Large wiring space
  • Range screw easy accessible.
  • WARNING - To fulfill our obligations towards Article 33, in accordance to European REACH Regulation No 1907/2006 EC, we hereby inform you that this article contains the following Substance of Very High Concern included in the Candidate list: Cadmium oxide Lead

Products List6 items

Product CodeRangeConnectionEnclosure
0,15 - 46 dm³/sR1” DIN2999 (ISO R7)IP43
0,04 - 0,07 dm³/s½ -14 NPTF (T-body)IP43
0,04 - 0,07 dm³/s¾ -14 NPTF (T-body)IP43
0,15 - 46 dm³/sR1” DIN2999 (ISO R7)IP67
0,15 - 46 dm³/sR1” DIN2999 (ISO R7)IP67
0,15 - 46 dm³/sR1” DIN2999 (ISO R7)IP67