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Metasys® Supervisory Network Controllers


Network Control Module

The NCM45x0-2 Series Network Control Module is a fully user-programmable supervisory controller. It is responsible for monitoring and controlling networks of field-level building automation devices and Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment. The NCM45x0-2 communicates with all other Metasys® Network Control Units (NCUs) over the N1 Network. Systems with Person-Machine Interface (PMI) Software Release 12.04 and the M-Series Workstation Software products at Release 5.4 support the NCM45x0-2. The NCM45x0-2 uses the same hardware design as the NAE45 series controllers and can be optionally upgraded to an NAE45 as part of a migration strategy to the Metasys system extended architecture.


  • Compatibility with All Existing Controllers on the Network
  • NCM350/361 Controllers Replacement - Provides for a manageable replacement strategy for older NCM350/361 models.
  • Current Level of Software and Tool Support - It is compatible with Person-Machine Interface (PMI) Software Release 12.04 and Mseries Workstation Software at Release 5.4 and existing Metasys® software tools.
  • Supervision of Field Controller Networks - Supports connectivity to open network standards for complete flexibility in the selection of field devices.
  • Field-Upgradable to an NAE45 - Provides an easy migration path to the Metasys system extended architecture.

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