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Metasys® Supervisory Network Controllers


Network Control Engines

The Metasys Network Control Engine (NCE) series controllers combine the network supervisor capabilities and Internet Protocol (IP) network connectivity of a Network Automation Engine (NAE) with the Input/Output (I/O) point connectivity and direct digital control capabilities of a Field Equipment Controller (FEC). NCEs provide a cost-effective solution designed for integrating central plants and large built-up air handlers into your Metasys networks.


  • Communication using commonly accepted IT standards at the automation and enterprise level Web-based user interface
  • Web-Based User Interface
  • Supervision of Either an N2 Bus, LonWorks Network, or BACnet MS/TP Bus Field Controller Trunk
  • Multiple Connection Options for Data Access
  • Integral Field Controller with 33 I/O Points
  • Expandable I/O Point Capacity, NS Sensor Connectivity, and VFD Control on Field Controller SA Bus

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Product CodeController Trunk ConnectionIntegral DisplayInternal Modem
N2 Bus------
N2 BusYES---
MS/TP Bus------