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Metasys® Controllers

FEC / FAC Controllers

Field Equipment Controllers

The Metasys Field Equipment Controllers (FEC) are a complete family of BACnet® compatible field controllers and accessories designed with the flexibility to meet a wide range of your HVAC control applications. Built on the ASHRAE standard for building automation system control and communication, these controllers support Johnson Controls commitment to open communication standards and greater control options for you. FAC Series controllers feature an integral real-time clock and support time-based tasks, which enables these field controllers to monitor and control schedules, calendars, alarms and trends. All FEC and FAC controllers feature selectable N2 or BACnet® MS/TP communication protocol, this allows them to be used as functional replacements for legacy N2 controllers.


  • Supports peer-to-peer communications
  • Continuous Tuning Adaptive Control provides more efficient controls and reduces level of manual intervention
  • Advanced diagnostics for failure detection, resolution and prevention
  • Standard packaging and terminations simplify installation
  • Fiel Equipment Controllers have been tested by the BACnet Testing Labs (BTL) and are certified as BACnet Application Specific Controllers
  • FAC models feature an integral real time clock with on-board time schedules, calendars, trends and alarms and are BTL certified as BACnet Advanced Application Controllers (B-AAC)

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Product CodeInputsOutputsSupply Voltage
4 UI + 6 BI2 BO + 2 AO + 2 CO24 VAC
6 UI + 2 BI3 BO + 2 AO + 4 CO24 VAC
5 UI + 4 BI4 CO + 5 RO24 VAC
5 UI + 4 BI4 CO + 5 RO100-240 VAC
8 UI + 6 BI6 AO + 6 BO24 VAC
2 UI + 1 BI3 BO + 4 CO24 VAC
2 UI + 1 BI3 BO + 4 CO24 VAC
6 UI + 2 BI3 BO + 2AO + 4 CO24 VAC
6 UI + 2 BI3 BO + 2AO + 4 CO24 VAC