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Metasys® Controllers

CVM / CGM Controllers

Programmable Controllers

The Metasys® General Purpose Application Controller (CGM) and VAV Box Controllers (CVMs) are the first models of a new, modernized family of equipment controllers which integrate in the web-based Metasys system. The CGM and CVM controllers are versatile equipment controllers designed to monitor, control, and integrate a wide variety of HVAC and other building equipment. These controllers support BACnet MS/TP and N2 communication protocols, and auto-detect which protocol is connected to it. In MS/TP mode, these equipment controllers are BACnet® network compliant devices. Controllers running in N2 mode can be used to maintain or modernize sites with installed legacy Johnson Controls® controllers.


  • Sleek and modern packaging and styling
  • Standard hardware and software platform
  • High memory capacity and fast processing power
  • Auto-Tuned Control Loops
  • Patented Proportional Adaptive Control (P-Adaptive) and PRAC
  • Standard BACnet protocol
  • Models to support both BACnet MS/TP and N2, with auto-detection of the communications protocols

Products List4 items

Product CodeInputsOutputsSupply Voltage
3 UI + 1 BI2 BO + 4 CO24 VAC
7 UI + 2 BI3 BO + 2 AO + 4 CO24 VAC
3 UI3 BO + 2 CO24 VAC
3 UI3 BO + 2 CO24 VAC