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MIG-3500 Series

Metasys Integrator

The Metasys Integrator MIG 3500® product connects third-party devices to a Metasys® Building Automation System (BAS) (N2 Communication). Operators can monitor and control third-party devices along with the entire BAS form a single Operator seat. It is compatible either with M-Series and MSEA Metasys system. Using any terminal operation sofware it is possible to download the desired drivers Into the Metasys Integrator unit. Choose from hundreds of third-party products already supported and available on the Standard SIS Europe CD-ROM. Integration lists are available to verify if the required driver is already developed and ready to be used.


  • Investment protection; extends the use of existing equipment and allows time to implement migration strategies
  • Vast selection of reliable, tested third-party product integrations — ensures the likelihood that your third-party equipment can be integrated to the Metasys system
  • points with access to Metasys features; reduces the training and support for commanding, trending, point history, alarm management, and control logic, while simplifying operations and improving management efficency.
  • Single-seat user interface; eliminates the need for third-party workstations, reducing operating and support costs
  • Continued migration strategy for older Metasys components; extends integration and migration capabilities across different Metasys supervisory controller products
  • Easy MIG300 Series Integrator replacement — provides for a manageable strategy for replacing older Metasys Integrator models or continuing to integrate third-party devices to existing Metasys systems.
  • DIN Rail Mount Option

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