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Screw Compressors

SAB - small

Screw compressors

Small single-stage compressors with swept volumes of 200–1000 m3/h

SABROE SAB screw compressors are designed and configured to tackle smaller-scale industrial refrigeration requirements where a combination of exceptional reliability, high performance and low operating costs is essential.

These small units can be used with all the most common refrigerants and process gases, and all the components are selected for good accessibility and ease of service, ensuring cost-effective maintenance.


Eight different models are available to provide swept volumes of 204–1016 m3 /h.


  • Fitted with an IEC flange-mounted motor as standard. Alignment is machined into the parts at the factory.
  • Highly effective SuperFilter II„¢ oil filter captures 99% of all particles larger than 5 microns.
  • Special Cold Start„¢ valve that ensures immediate oil pressure at start-up. This lubricates the compressor without requiring an oil pump.
  • Infinite capacity control ensures that capacity is always adjusted to suit requirements.
  • Patented method of matching the internal volume ratio (Vi) to the system volume ratio.
  • Rotor design, combined with an internal gear drive to increase rotor tip speed, brings unprecedented efficiency to screw compressors in this size range.
  • Compressor features an anti-friction bearing design for reduced power consumption, improved efficiency and reduced maintenance.
  • All SAB screw compressor packages are supplied with Unisab lll control systems, ready to operate.

Product List8 items

Product CodeSwept volume at 3600 rpmNominal capacities R717 High Stage -10/+35°CNominal capacities R717 Booster -40/-10°C Available
496 m3/h325 kW98 kW
379 m3/h243 kW73 kW
306 m3/h191 kW58 kW
245 m3/h145 kW44 kW
1016 m3/h680 kW211 kW
850 m3/h565 kW175 kW
685 m3/h448 kW139 kW
581 m3/h373 kW116 kW