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Reciprocating Compressors


Two-stage reciprocating compressor units

Two-stage versions of CMO and SMC reciprocating compressors, with swept volumes of 150–1000 m3/h

SABROE® TCMO/TSMC two-stage reciprocating compressors are an economical operating alternative to single-stage compressors in smaller low-temperature refrigeration installations.

TCMO/TSMC compressor units are also ideal for mediumsize industrial refrigeration installations that involve a big temperature range, such as freezer installations. Furthermore, these units are easy to customise with intermediate cooling systems.

Using a two-stage set-up built together as a single unit helps avoid equipment duplication – and thus reduce costs and save space.


  • Splitting the temperature lift into two separate stages reduces overall energy consumption
  • Relatively small footprint
  • High coefficient of performance (COP), with excellent performance under part-load conditions
  • Variable-speed drive (optional) provides stepless capacity control over the entire operating range

Product List8 items

Product CodeNumber of cylinders low/high-pressure sideSwept volume at 1500 rpmSwept volume at 1800 rpm Available
6/2146 m3/h175 m3/h
6/2170 m3/h205 m3/h
6/2509 m3/hNA m3/h
6/2424 m3/h509 m3/h
6/2339 m3/h407 m3/h
12/41018 m3/hNA m3/h
12/4848 m3/h1018 m3/h
12/4679 m3/h814 m3/h