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Reciprocating Compressors


High-pressure reciprocating compressor units

High-pressure hybrids of CMO and SMC reciprocating compressors, with swept volumes of 100–1100 m3/h

The blocks of the compressor units in the HPO/HPC/HPX range are cast in high-strength ductile iron, making them particularly strong and capable of operating under exceptionally high pressures.

This results in condensing temperatures of up to 90 °C, and makes HPX and HPO/HPC compressors ideal for use in conjunction with heat pumps and hot water applications, and as an extra “supercharge” stage in traditional ammonia plants. The renowned SABROE® high-pressure compressors are ideal for use with either ammonia or CO2 as refrigerant.

SABROE high-pressure compressors provide exceptional reliability and big savings on operating costs, because they are based on the high-volume CMO and SMC compressors, and they share the majority of castings and parts.


  • High coefficient of performance (COP), with excellent performance under partload conditions
  • Variable-speed drive (optional) provides stepless capacity control over the entire operating range
  • Provides exceptionally high condensing temperatures – up to 90 °C
  • Designed for easy service access, and repairs can be undertaken in situ, without removing the compressor
  • Special oil separator design based on coalescer technology

Product List13 items

Product CodeNumber of cylindersSwept volume at 1500 rpmSwept volume at 1800 rpm Available
4226 m3/h271 m3/h
6339 m3/h407 m3/h
8452 m3/h543 m3/h
12679 m3/h814 m3/h
16905 m3/h1086 m3/h
497 m3/h116 m3/h
6146 m3/h175 m3/h
8194 m3/h233 m3/h
4111 m3/h133 m3/h
6166 m3/h200 m3/h
8222 m3/h266 m3/h
12333 m3/h399 m3/h
16443 m3/h532 m3/h