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Single-stage reciprocating compressor units

Single-stage reciprocating compressors with swept volumes of 100-230 m³/h

This compact, semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor design is for HVAC/R use in marine and offshore installations, where space is at a premium, and reliability is crucial.

SABROE CMP compressor units provide an economical, low-maintenance HVAC/R solution that you know you can rely on.

CMP compressors are available in three different configurations, to meet specific operating requirements.

The CMP range has all the qualities of the renowned SABROE CMO reciprocating compressors in a smaller footprint and with the practical advantages of semi-hermetic design. These units can easily be integrated with other equipment.

Available for common HFC refrigerants, including R134A and R507.


  • High coefficient of performance (COP), with excellent performance, even under part-load conditions
  • Semi-hermetic design
  • Easy to access for service, with limited spare parts requirements
  • Variable-speed drive (optional) provides stepless capacity control over the entire operating range
  • Small footprint

Product List3 items

Product CodeNumber of cylindersSwept volume at max. 1500 rpmSwept volume at max. 1800 rpm Available
497 m3/h116 m3/h
6146 m3/h175 m3/h
8194 m3/h233 m3/h