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Heat Pumps

Customised heat pumps

Ammonia-based heat pumps using a screw compressor

Ammonia-based heat pumps using a screw compressor with capacities of up to 13000 kW

Johnson Controls provides SABROE® customised large-capacity heat pumps for reclaiming waste heat or supporting industrial processes that require both heating and cooling at the same time. These highly effective heat pumps, utilising the economiser technology of screw compressors, ensure very high performance and exceptional reliability as well as the cost-effective exploitation of a key heat source in industry – waste heat from other processes.

These extremely large customised heat pumps can be configured with single, twin or even triple heat exchangers and compressors to provide capacities extending as high as 13000 kW.

The backbone for all this is the unique high-pressure version of SAB screw compressors, featuring casings made of ductile iron, ensuring exceptional reliability and long service life. Individually configured units focus on meeting specific operating requirements, and the wide range of options makes it possible to achieve a considerable effect on operating margins in heating solutions.


  • Factory-assembled, pre-tested packaged units
  • Capacity test that ensures high performance at both full and part load
  • Supreme high-pressure units designed specifically for ammonia with strong legacy in the market
  • Small, space-saving footprint, with fewer moving parts and very low vibration
  • Supports Condition Based Service (CBS) schedules, which help improve safety and ensure maximum reliability