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Y/D starter FSD panel

Electrical panel solution for refrigeration compressors with fixed-speed drive (FSD)

Electrical panel solution for refrigeration compressors with fixed-speed drive (FSD)

Sabroe panel solutions for compressor units fitted with fixed-speed motors are the ideal way to integrate the unique Sabroe combination of refrigeration compressor know-how with electrical and controls experience and technologies. This paves the way to optimising the operation of fixed-speed refrigeration compressor units and thus bring down here-andnow operating costs as well as longer-perspective life cycle cost for the owner.

Sabroe Y/D starter panels are integrated electrical panel solutions with conventional Y/D starters and additional control equipment that together make them very easy to integrate into your overall power supply and control system.

Adding the optional UniSAB systems controller to the panel makes the Y/D starter panel a complete plug-and-play controls and motor starter solution, ready to supply the motor and ensure that the fixed-speed compressor package delivers maximum cooling power at a minimum life cycle cost.


  • Sabroe Y/D starter FSD panels are competitively priced electrical panel solutions that contain a Y/D starter and everything needed for easy, compliant integration into the overall plant power supply and control system.
  • Integrating a Sabroe Y/D starter FSD panel into a fixed-speed compressor unit will shave off a major part of the man-hours normally allocated to electrical engineering, design, documentation, installation and commissioning of the compressor, chiller or heat pump unit.
  • Combining a Sabroe Y/D starter FSD panel with a UniSAB systems controller brings down the life cycle cost of the compressor unit as a whole. The unique UniSAB yield control philosophy along with the load-based service utility (service on demand) integrated in the UniSAB unit, provide the owner with an extremely flexible compressor package with the big additional benefits of low life cycle costs.