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Integrated system controller for refrigeration compressors, chillers and heat pumps

UniSAB systems controllers are connectivity hubs that help make sure refrigeration installations have the best possible performance, maximum uptime and lowest possible operating costs.

These important control units are pre-equipped and pre-configured with the connectivity equipment and protocols necessary for monitoring and controlling a wide range of compressors, compressor packages, chillers and heat pumps – as well as using this data for fault-finding and analysis.


  • Service on demand schedule
  • Unisab app for smartphone
  • Configurable for both screw compressors and reciprocating compressors, with or without variable-speed drive (VSD), and using any refrigerant
  • Built-in regulation of suction pressure, water temperature, discharge pressure, etc.
  • Limitations on suction pressure, discharge pressure, motor current, etc.
  • Logging of operating history and profiles for effective fault-finding and diagnosis
  • Email dispatch in case of alarm or shut down.