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Sabroe Integrated Standard Automation Concept

Sabroe Integrated Standard Automation Concept

ISAC is unique Sabroe software that provides a toolbox for designing and configuring refrigeration control and monitoring setups of virtually all kinds. It provides an effective way to integrate SCADA graphics with PLC functionality to ensure effective, reliable monitoring and control of both large and small industrial refrigeration installations.

ISAC modules provide standardised, pre-vetted solutions for almost any installation, based on consistent, industry- standard data inputs and outputs that ensure seamless, glitch-free exchanges of data between many different kinds of equipment, regardless of capacity, configuration or manufacturer.


  • Extensive Sabroe practical experience is embedded in all ISAC modules
  • All modules are designed as modular building blocks and based on standardised interfaces and data exchange configurations
  • Each module designed and tested individually to eliminate technical incompatibilities
  • Supports a wide range of standard configurations, ranging from single touch screens to multiple workstations
  • Based on standardised components with a very high degree of documentation, for maximum consistency and efficiency