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Chiller plant controller

Integrated solution for managing and monitoring the controls equipment in chiller plants

The Sabroe chiller plant controller is a compact, easy-to-install control panel that contains a pre-programmed PLC system and touch panel for monitoring and controlling a wide range of external equipment that is not part of the chiller itself, but that serves the chilled water distribution system as well as other key equipment in the chiller plant.


  • Combines advanced technology and operating data to leverage the operational benefits of modern chillers
  • Consolidates industrial refrigeration and chilled water plant control know-how and experience into one single control box
  • Paves the way to streamlined operation of a wide range of chiller plant functions
  • Compact, fully integrated solution, which is easy to link up to the vast majority of chiller plant setups
  • Saves on engineering time, and makes plant and chiller integration and commissioning easier
  • Can be used for remote monitoring and remote operation