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A-frame VSD panel

Electrical panel solution for refrigeration screw compressors with variable-speed drive (VSD)

Electrical panel solution for refrigeration compressor units with variable-speed drive (VSD)

Sabroe panel solutions for screw compressor units fitted with variable-speed drive are the ideal way to integrate the unique Sabroe combination of refrigeration compressor know-how with electrical and controls experience and technologies. This paves the way to optimising the operation of refrigeration compressor units, and thus bring down here-and-now operating costs as well as longer-perspective life cycle cost for the owner.

The Sabroe A-frame VSD solution for screw compressors is a compact split solution with a separate panel and VSD. The panel includes a UniSAB systems controller as standard.

The A-frame VSD solution is mainly intended for applications where both the inverter and panel are mounted directly onto the compressor unit, or where the inverter is positioned in a different place than the control panel.

Factory-mounted units provide the best value for money, because delivering complete pre-vetted units ensures trouble-free operation and an electrical installation in full accordance with relevant standards and best practice. It also ensures end-users big savings on the man-hours required for configuring the overall equipment set-up.


  • Sabroe A-frame VSD solutions are competitively priced and include a frequency inverter and a separate electrical control panel with a UniSAB systems controller and everything needed for easy, compliant integration into the overall plant power supply and control system.
  • Integrating a Sabroe A-frame VSD solution into one of the listed variablespeed compressor units will shave off a major part of the man-hours normally allocated to electrical engineering, design, documentation, installation and commissioning of the compressor unit.
  • The A-frame VSD solution with a UniSAB systems controller brings down the life cycle cost of the compressor unit as a whole. Improved part-load characteristics (higher COP), achieved by a combination of the unique UniSAB yield control philosophy and the variable speed, along with the load-based service utility (service on demand) integrated in the UniSAB unit, provide the owner with an extremely flexible compressor unit with the big additional benefits of low life cycle costs.