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Air-cooled chiller with frequency-controlled screw compressor

Compact air-cooled chillers for outdoor installation, based on a screw compressor, with a 160–400 kW capacity range

The SABlight air-cooled chiller is a particularly compact design that uses V-coil condensers to substantially reduce the overall footprint. The screw compressor and fully brazed plate heat exchanger are mounted underneath the V-coils, resulting in a height of 2.9 m and a width of only 1.3 m.

SABlight units provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional air conditioning, chilled rooms and industrial/process refrigeration. They are designed for quiet running and outdoor operation, and a special ultra-low-noise version is available.

SABlight uses a small propane refrigerant charge, providing an attractive, economical and environmentally responsible alternative to air-cooled chillers that use HFCs as refrigerant.


There are five standard models in this range of air-cooled chillers, with capacities ranging from 160 kW to 400 kW.


  • Compact design with small footprint
  • Quiet while running, available in both low and ultra-low noise versions
  • Variable-speed drive fitted to both compressor and fans, providing very high coefficient of performance (COP), even under part-load conditions
  • Designed for maximum safety, with very small natural refrigerant charge (propane R290)
  • Easy to mount, install and connect up
  • Straightforward, uncomplicated construction

Product List10 items

Product CodeCooling capacityPower consumptionCOP ESEER Available
166 kW54 kW4.42
163 kW55 kW4.63
210 kW71 kW4.51
208 kW71 kW4.48
277 kW92 kW4.57
274 kW94 kW4.52
324 kW101 kW4.7
314 kW106 kW4.55
406 kW133 kW4.31
390 kW140 kW4.15