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CAFP unit

CO2 /Ammonia Freeze Package

Compact packaged freezer systems using reciprocating compressors, and CO₂ /ammonia as refrigerant, with a 100–800 kW capacity range

The highly customized Sabroe CAFP freezer systems are based on a cascade system that combines the advantages of CO₂ on the low-temperature side and ammonia on the high-temperature side.

As a result, each standard CAFP package can be fitted inside a standard 20-foot shipping container, if required. This does away with the need for a special machinery space, and the freezer installation can easily be moved if required.

Compared with conventional ammonia-based two-stage or single-stage systems with economizers, a CAFP unit uses significantly less power in the temperature range down to –55°C. This results in energy savings of as much as 15% compared with traditional two-stage ammonia systems, and up to 45% compared with single-stage set-ups.


  • Compact design that fits inside a standard 20-foot container
  • Compact design that fits inside a standard 20-foot container
  • Use of CO₂ as low-temperature refrigerant reduces piping complexity and costs
  • Very small ammonia charge, located on the unit itself
  • CO₂ is a simple, inexpensive natural refrigerant

Product List24 items

Product CodeEvaporation temperatureCapacity at evap. TempPower consumption Available
-35 °C264 kW137 kW
-40 °C217 kW126 kW
-45 °C169 kW110 kW
-50 °C131 kW94 kW
-35 °C363 kW188 kW
-40 °C288 kW167 kW
-45 °C223 kW147 kW
-50 °C174 kW125 kW
-35 °C415 kW214 kW
-40 °C353 kW200 kW
-45 °C277 kW177 kW
-50 °C211 kW150 kW
-35 °C599 kW310 kW
-40 °C511 kW290 kW
-45 °C416 kW263 kW
-50 °C324 kW228 kW
-35 °C793 kW398 kW
-40 °C667 kW375 kW
-45 °C520 kW332 kW
-50 °C421 kW296 kW
-35 °C144 kW82 kW
-40 °C127 kW84 kW
-45 °C112 kW74 kW
-50 °C87 kW64 kW