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KNX Sensors

Presence & Movement Sensor


Is a ceiling flush mount PIR detector. The load will be switched on automatically when the movement is detected and the ambient light level is below the Lux setting value. Until there is no movement detected and the pre-set delay time has been expired, load will be switched off automatically. User can pre-set the desired Lux and Time values by VR or IR setting for automatic control lighting on / off with low initial cost and great energy saving potential.

PIR-SENS-2CH can also be used in many different places for automation control.

They can be widely used in home, office, conference room, classrooms, hotel, corridor and underground parking lots.

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Product CodePower SupplyPresence detectionElectrical safety
250 VAC 10A360 deg Circular Upto dia 12m at height of 2.5mIP54