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FX Programmable Controllers

FX CVM Controllers

FX CVM Series Programmable VAV Controller

The Facility Explorer VAV Box Controllers (CVM) are models of a new, modernized family of equipment controllers which integrate in the Facility Explorer system. The CVM controllers are versatile equipment controllers designed to monitor, control, and integrate Variable Air Volume (VAV) equipment. These controllers support BACnet MS/TP and N2 communication protocols, and auto-detect which protocol is connected to it. In MS/TP mode, these equipment controllers are BACnet® network compliant devices. Controllers running in N2 mode can be used to maintain or modernize sites with installed legacy Johnson Controls® controllers.


  • Sleek and modern packaging and styling
  • Includes integrated actuator and digital differential pressure transducer (DPT) sensor
  • High memory capacity and fast processing power
  • Auto-Tuned Control Loops
  • Patented Proportional Adaptive Control (P-Adaptive) and PRAC
  • Standard BACnet protocol
  • Models to support both BACnet MS/TP and N2, with auto-detection of the network communication protocol

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