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Thin Mount


Room Pressure Controller - Thin Mount - TRIATEK

The FMS-2000C Critical Environment Controller ensures laboratory and healthcare settings are safe for all occupants by continuously verifying room pressure and airflow. It can precisely control and monitor six parameters including differential pressure, temperature, humidity, CO2, airflow, and air changes per hour. One controller can control or monitor up to four spaces simultaneously for any of the six parameters.
The FMS-2000C provides maximum room status awareness with color coded visual alarms both on screen and with the 360° Safety Halo™ illuminated edge, which allows staff to easily monitor spaces down long corridors. The audible alarm can be muted with one tap to the screen to help reduce audible alarm fatigue. There are two password protected access levels, one for administrators and one for restricted level users, such as nurses.


  • Parameters - Controls and monitors up to six parameters across four rooms
  • Connectivity - 18 available Input/Output (I/O) resources
  • Protocols - BACnet® MS/TP and N2 communication
  • Lighting - 360° Safely Halo illuminated edge helps staff monitor spaces down long corridors
  • Design - Intuitive user interface allows for fast and easy set up
  • Display - 127 mm high definition 720 pixels by 1280 pixels touchscreen display that works with rubber, nitrile, and latex gloves
  • Non-volatile memory - Saves users settings in case of a power outage
  • Password protection - Two access levels to prevent unauthorized access
  • Energy savings - Unoccupied mode reduces air and temperature changes
  • Maintenance free pressure sensor - Provides highly accurate, long-term stability
  • Home screen customization - The user can define the parameters displayed
  • Display override - Display measured values from the other monitored devices within the building management system (BMS)
  • Global release - Offers a user interface that is translated into 17 languages