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Surface Mount


Central Monitoring Station - Surface Mount - JOHNSON CONTROLS

The LB-CMS1655 Central Monitoring Station provides at-a-glance monitoring for up to four rooms or four fume hoods, or a combination of rooms and hoods. The LB-CMS1655 is commonly used at nurses’ stations, or in large laboratories where monitoring multiple spaces is required.
The LB-CMS1655 creates a centralized location for easily accessing critical information like room pressure, isolation mode, exhaust air flow, face velocity, and alarm status of multiple spaces and/or fume hoods. By displaying vital information on a single screen, users are able to make informed decisions more quickly, ensuring their critical spaces are kept safe.
The LB-CMS1655 is protocol-independent but can be connected into any building automation system.
If any monitored parameter is outside its prescribed range, the LB-CMS1655 activates an audible and visual alarm, alerting staff to the alarm condition. It features the patented Safety Halo™ 180° edge lighting, which enables staff to monitor spaces down long corridors with a simple glance. The green, yellow, and red visual alarms also aid in reducing audible alarm fatigue, as the audible alarm can be easily silenced with the tap of a finger.


  • Audible alarm and patented Safety Halo visual alarm
  • Intuitive menus; easy to set up
  • Critical environment-specific design; complies with ANSI/ASHRAE/ASHE standards, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines, and United States Pharmacopeia (USP) requirements
  • Easy-to-read full color LCD touchscreen
  • Monitor up to four fume hood controllers or room pressure controllers; no additional power is required
  • Stainless steel thin flush mount or plastic surface mount options available
  • Password protected with four access levels to prevent unauthorized access
  • Protocol-independent, can connect to any BAS

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